The fastening is the connection between the wooden tomb or grave cross and the concrete foundation
They are all hand-forged, galvanized or hot zinc dipped. The tomb or grave cross must be only fixed with its holder on the concrete foundation with 2 or - depending from the weight - 4 screws. The holders fixes the wodden bottom side from the tombs and grave crosses, so they have a ground clearance with about one inch, so that the wood can not rotten.
shows the fastenig for normal grave crosses or crucifixes (till to  size about 100 inch.
is an examble of an holder  for very heavy tombs. The fastening is fixed on the concrete foundation with four screws and dowels or with glued in threaded rods and four nuts with  flat washers. The weight from the tomb rest on the horizontal connection between the two vertical legs.

Nr.3a +Nr.3b
The photos shows the holder for an cross with an size from 71 inch from front view and side.view.

My firm offer includes this  handmade holder or fastening.

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