Grabkreuz oder Grabmal aus Eiche


The preview left shows more than 40 tombs and grave crosses and crucifix, which you can enlarge by clicking on it. You also get an description from it. I use german oak or equally rare wood. Therefore I can guarantee for long duration. In the old cemetery from Oberammergau in the bavarian alps with long cold winters, you will find many wooden crosses more than hundred years old. 

Each tomb, cross, crucifix, grave monument  was custom built. The expenditure is diffrent from model to model and depending from many details. I can make you an firm offer if you mail me the number from an thomb similar like you want it, the dimensinons, the text of inscription and - from crosses - the  kind of  roof, copper or shingle.
I sent you my firm offer, an drawing with the desired inscription and dimension and the description from the tomb. The firm offer  includes  the tomb/grave cross ready to put up. The forged, galvanized fastening is already mounted. The tomb/crave cross must be only fixed with its holder on the concrete foundation with 2 or - depending from the weight - 4 screws. My offer not includes mounting, the transport box, and the cost for shipping. 
Not every thomb or grave cross, crucifix can be produced beginning with height from 40 inch, but every thomb, cross or crucifix can be modified according to your taste.  I try to give your suggestions , ideas an workmanslike an artistic form. I inform you with pictures from stage of work, so you can take influence on the design.
all scetches, drawings and descriptions are free.

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