1. If you are interested in a tomb or grave cross, also if it looks only similar, i can sent you scetches and drawings as long as you say, that is it. Then I mail an drawing in scale of 1:10 with  exact dimensions and specification on seperate page, all als word.doc for print out. On the third page is a pricelist with every detail from the thomb/cross, like roof, forged fastening, ect, and my binding offer with the total. The total includes shipping, case and insurance. Therefore I need adress and place of destination.
2. Please show this documents  the cemetery administration. Order the tomb or grave only if you have the approval to erect the tomb or cross on the cemetery.
3. If you order,  deposit by bank transfer 20% from total. The
remaining sum becomes due before delivery to the forwarder Dachser. After the deposit is credited on my account I confirm the payment and tell you the binding date of completion. The rate of exchange  is on a daily basis.
4. During my work on the ordered tomb or grave  cross I inform you with photos. The completion needs generally about 2 month. Duration of transport is mostly 14 days from Germany to USA. 

cemetery cross, gravecross to shippingwooden tomb and wooden crossgrave monument to Oberammergau, Gabriel Blaschke