Cemetery Crosses + Wooden Tombs
master sculptor
Im Waidach 28
Phone: 0049-171-9141319 Email: blaschke-ruppert@gmx.de  
business hours daily 8a.m to 6 p.m. sundays/holidays closed
crosses for cemetery

Since 1985 we produce mainly tombs, grave crosses, monuments from oakwood or other equal noble wood. My father was 37 years teacher in the goverment sculptur scool in Oberammergau. So I started already with 5 years learn the sculptors craft. The yearly art exhibition on the sculptor scool with figurines of the journeyman's examinations shows also my complete nativity set , 15 inch height, out of moulded , cooked clay. I was 7 years old. We also produce religious statues and reliefs for churches in barock or modern style, all kind of ornaments, carved heraldic figures or animals and the restoration of carvings in ouer studio in the center of Oberammergau, nearby the sculpture school. You gladly can visit me there an watch me during working, but please call me before, because I am often work on cemeterys in all Germany. All scetches, a drawing in scale of 1:10 with exact dimensions, specification on seperate page are free! During my work on the ordered tomb or grave cross I inform you with photos.

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